Because of the on going lockdown all of you must be getting bored, to get  you out from that boredom. Here is a list of some of the best,greatest and as i like to say interesting anime to watch.This list included anime with spoiler free description . Most importantly anime included rate more then 8.0 out of 10 on IMDb. So if you want surprise or thrilled you can start from here.

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IMDb rating:9.0| blackkite: 9.2|seasons:1|episode:37

An smart high school student goes on a hunt to take out bad guys from the world ,as he find a death note fit for killing anybody just by entering there name in it. If you are new to the anime world start from this one. above all of death is also written in it.



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IMDb rating:8.6|blackkite : 8.9|seasons:3|episodes:54

In the wake of being given a power to control others a prince turns into a leader of a revolt against the whole empire. As a result he have to sacrifice his owns.





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IMDb rating:7.6|blackkite : 8.0|seasons:4|episodes:87

In the year 2022, a huge number of individuals get trap in another virtual reality game. From all the individuals there is a players who is the smartest one. He tries to crack the game on its own.




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IMDb rating:7.9|blackkite : 8.2|seasons:4|episodes:48

A Tokyo college student is assassinated by a ghoul, a super powered human who benefits from human flesh. He survived from that attack but after that attack he turns into a hybrid(half ghoul and half human).




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IMDb rating:8.3|blackkite:  8.5|seasons:1|episodes:220

Naruto Uzumaki, an insidious immature ninja, battles for acknowledgment. He fantasies about turning into the Hokage, the town’s head and most power full ninja.This is a struggle story how he become the most strongest ninja.



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IMDb rating:7.7|blackkite :8.3|seasons:2|episodes:50

Elder Tale is a online virtual reality game and it is also very popular but after it get a new version called “Nova sphere Pioneers” 30,000 people stuck inside it among them there is a student in that game who is smarter and not good with others.he forms a group with his co players to survive in that game.



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IMDb rating:8.2|blackkite: 8.5|seasons:1|episodes:24

On a tragic day for the humankind everyone turn into the stone statue because of a light. After a few centuries a high schooler Taiju stirs and ends up lost in a world of sculptures. Notwithstanding, he’s not the only one. His science-adoring best friend Senku’s been fully operational for a couple of months before.After waking up the only thing he wants to do is to start a civilization by the power of science.




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IMDb rating:8.6|blackkite: 8.9|seasons:1|episodes:51

At the point when a academical ceremony leaves siblings Edward and Alphonse with seriously harmed bodies, as a result they start finding the one thing that can spare them; the famous philosopher’s stone.




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IMDb rating:8.4|blackkite :9.0|seasons:5|episodes:972

A well know young detective Jimmy Kudo was turn into a small kid because of a chemical substance. After that incident he tries to solve cases by helping police but in case to do he also have to hide his identity and catch the criminals who has turn him.



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IMDb rating:8.8|blackkite: 9.0|seasons:4|episodes:69

After his old neighborhood destroy and his mom was killed therefor Youthful Eren Yeager promises to wash down the earth of the monster humanoid Titans that have carried humankind to the verge of extinct.





First of all you should watch death note if haven’t seen furthermore you can chose one from the list. Almost each anime listed here are full of  entertainment. also i have seen all the anime listed above even more  and can tell you will love it. you can find these almost every anime listed here on Netflix. Also some  anime that couldn’t make up to this list  but you should watch are Magic Kaito, Dragon Ball and My Hero Academia.

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