Due to the outbreak of coronavirus all around the world, everything has been closed. Most of the country around the world has been locked down. Even after everything being closed technology has made it possible to keep work going. Most of the corporate have asked their employees to work from home. Tech is not just used for work from home but also used to create health tracker applications such as Aarogya Setu and reliance foundation COVID19 symptom checker. Some of the important use of technology during COVID19 crises are explained here briefly. 

  1. Study online 

Since all the schools and colleges are shut due to coronavirus outbreak professors have started teaching via video conferencing app. Technology here has created an amazing ecosystem for learning. The zoom meeting app is the most used for the purpose of teaching. Online classes had to lead to flexible hours for the teacher which hence increase their efficiency. Earlier in India methods like this weren’t used for teaching but after lockdown, these ways of teaching are now considered more effective.

  • The COVID-19 has brought about schools closed the whole way across the world. Internationally, over 1.2 billion youngsters are out of the classroom.


  • Thus, instruction has changed drastically, with the unmistakable ascent of e-learning, whereby educating is attempted remotely and on digital space.
  • Research recommends that internet learning has been appeared to expand maintenance of data, and take less time, which means the progressions coronavirus has caused may be staying put.


  1. Aarogya setu

Aarogya Setu is the Indian COVID-19 tracking mobile application developed by the National Informatics Center and that comes under the government Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.this application work on the bases of a questionnaire. When you install it you have to answer a bunch of questions regarding your current health and travel history. This software uses Bluetooth and GPS to work. Whenever you are near an “at-risk”  or a person tested positive for covid19 it shows a notification on the mobile screen.  


Aarogya Setu has four sections:

  • 1. Your Status (tells the risk of getting COVID-19 for the user),
  • 2. Self Assess (lets the user know the risk of being infected),
  • 3. COVID-19 Update  and
  • 4. E-pass 

Tells how many COVID-19 positive cases are likely in a radius of 500m, 1 km, 2 km, 5 km, and 10 km from the user.


  1. Drones and Robots

Coronavirus spreads through physical contact, and the only precaution is social distancing. To avoid crowd government is using robots and drones for surveillance around the cities. Drones are also used to sprinkle disinfectants in various localities that are contaminated by the coronavirus. Similarly To avoid contact automatic sanitizer dispenser are used that has a motion sensor. It uses infrared sensors to detect hands and dispense the sanitizer. In some places remort controlled trolley works to serve food and medicine to people who are either infected or are at risk.


  1. Location tracking 

However the lockdown measures eased in various cities in India that fall under the green zone government is using location tracking to fight covid19. Location tracking helps to track down the whereabouts of an infected person. This method helps to find people that might be at risk after getting in contact with the infected person. Government officials use tech such as CCTV and GPS to track down the timeline and whereabouts of an infected person.