Wanna know how you can play PUBG mobile on TV without PS/Xbox? Of course, you do
that’s why you are here.I have listed the best way to play PUBG on TV. You can use most of
these tricks on both smart and non-smart TV.Select one of these methods and start playing
your favorite game on the big screen.

Method 1: Using Amazon fire stick

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Amazon fire TV stick is a device that will convert your non-smart TV into a smart TV. using
fire stick you can play any game without any lag.amazon fire stick is the cheapest way to
transform a non-smart TV into a smart one.to use a fire TV stick you just need an HDMI port.
you also need High-speed internet and a controller to play Pubg. you can also use
Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.



Method 2: Using chrome cast

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chrome cast is very much similar to amazon fire TV stick. Chrome cast is an android emulator
by google. It has a play store so you can download PUBG mobile on it. It requires an HDMI
port and High-speed internet. You can not just play the game using it but can anything that a
smart TV can do. A controller is required to play the game.



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Method 3: Using Mirror casting

Mirror casting is a feature that allows you to cast your mobile or PC screen on a big screen
such as a TV. Casting feature is available only in smart TV or TV connected with fire stick or
Chrome cast. You can download PUBG on mobile or PC then cast it on your TV.
screen casting required high-speed internet.



Method 4: Connecting a PC/Laptop using HDMI cable

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This is the best method to play pubg on TV smoothly. This method will only work if Your TV
has an HDMI port. This is a wired way to cast your computer screen on the TV. It required a
gaming emulator on your PC/laptop and an HDMI cable. The gaming emulator is an android
emulator for PCs/laptops. you just have to plug in the HDMI cable on your PC/laptop and TV and change
source to HDMI in the TV setting.



Method 5: Download PUBG mobile on smart TV

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This method is only for TV having google play store. On a smart TV, you can easily PUBG via
play store. Usually smart don’t have much storage which may cause some problems. Very
high-speed internet is required to download and play PUBG on smart TV. You must have a
controller or a keyboard to play games.



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