Want to know how to recover deleted photos and videos by mistake?yes, of course, you do that’s why you are here. It’s very easy if you have it backed up in any cloud storage but if don’t have a backup there still are some ways. In this article, there are four ways by which you can recover your deleted files. Just you chose one of these whichever works for you.

Five very easy ways to recover deleted data

1.Through recovery apps.

Some are apps available that dig your disk to find files that are not permanently deleted or are in the trash. These apps search your disk for every recoverable file. You can see the list of files that you can recover in the app. Some best file recover app:-

  1. DiskDigger app for Android.
  2. Recuva (Android) tool.

How to use DiskDigger:-

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  1. first of all Download DiskDigger from google play store
  2. Open the DiskDigger app.
  3.  When you open it you will find two options. 
    1. .Start basic scan 
    2. Full scan(root required)
  1.   select one of these options as per your requirement.
  2. When the scan is completed you will see all the deleted files.
  3. Select ‘recover” to restore these files.

The method to use the other two apps is almost the same.

2. Using Google photos.

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This method will only work for Photo and video and if you have enabled backup to your google account. Most of the time it automatically gets enabled when you enter your Gmail account in google photos. To check if it is enabled or not you just need to open google photo and go to setting and then click on “backup & sync”.

How to use google photo:-

  1. first of all Open google photo app.
  2. Check if the backup is enabled.
  3. If yes then search the photo/video you want to recover.
  4. Select the photo and click on more(3 dots at the top right corner).
  5. Select save to device option.  

3. Through Trash can

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In some of the phones, there is this feature available in which data is not permanently deleted. If you delete any file it is sifted to a recycle bin. If your device has a trash box than you can easily recover your deleted files.

How to recover deleted files from the trash.     

  1. first of all Search for trash/recycle bin/ recent deleted file in your phone menu.
  2. Open it and select the file you want to recover.
  3. finally Click on restore.

4. Using Dr. fone

Dr. fone is a smartphone repairing app. It can be used on the window and Mac PC. This is the best method to recover deleted data. This app is not available for free download but provides a trial with some restrictions . This app can recover your all deleted file, restore a backup also transfer it to another device. 

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How to use Dr. fone to recover deleted photos?

  1. first of all Download Dr fone on your PC.
  2. Open Dr fone on your PC and click on” recover”.
  3. Connect your phone to your PC.
  4. Enable USB Dbuging on you phone .
  5. Select the type of file that you want to recover and click on next.
  6.  Select “Scan for the deleted file”.
  7. Click next and Dr fone will analyze your device.
  8. Click on allow on your phone when the popup appears.
  9. finally After the scan is done select the file you want to recover.

Dr fone work on both Android and IOS device. 

These are some of the best methods to recover deleted photos data if this doesn’t work for, please contact us.