Cloud gaming means playing games installed in a remort server. First cloud gaming was displayed in the year 2000 by G-cluster at E3. The first cloud gaming console was launched by the name Onlive in 2010. In the year 2015 sony acquired OnLive patent and it was shut. After that various venture launches there cloud gaming services such as PlayStation Now, Geforce now, etc. Google stadia is one of the cloud gaming platforms.  Google stadia was launched a year back on November 19, 2019. 

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Google stadia is a cloud gaming platform, therefore, it doesn’t require any hardware arrangement. On stadia, you can play the game at 60fps on up to 4k resolution. To play the game on stadia you just need google chrome. Google stadia allow you to play the high-end game without any expensive hardware. Stadia comes with streaming technology called stream to connect.   The stream connects help players to put their picture on the display while doing commercial steam on YouTube. Google stadia allow the user to play the game using any HID class USB controller. Google also has its own controller that connects to the Google data center to reduce lag in-game. 

Pricing and availability  

stadia is currently available in the United States, Canada, and 12 more countries. Stadia is available for free as stadia basic if you want to play at 1080p and a monthly subscription plan as stadia pro level of  $10 if you want to play the game at 4k resolution. google stadia is providing a two-month free service since April 2020.  

Internet requirement 

Bandwidth requiredVideo qualityAudio quality
10 Mbit/s720p, 60 fpsStereo
20 Mbit/s1080p HDR Video, 60 FPS5.1 Surround
35 Mbit/s4K HDR Video, 60 FPS5.1 Surround

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Google stadia’s cloud hardware

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Google stadia use the Intel x86 processor having clock speed 2.8GHz  arranged with AVX2 and 9.5 megabytes of L2+L3 cache to make you experience lag-free. For graphic processing, it has AMD GPU based on the Vega architecture with HBM2 memory, 56 compute system, and 10.7 teraFlops. It uses SSD as a memory for fast data transition. All the hardware used in google stadia enhances user experience. Stadia provide the user with a platform to play the game with top-notch hardware.

Why google stadia?

In the current era, there are many gaming consoles are available such as PlayStation. PlayStation is currently the most used physical gaming console. There arises a question of, whether to go for a physical gaming console or stadia?. If we compare by price PlayStation cost around $350 excluding the cost of the games, whereas stadia is also available for free. Also if you go for stadia’s paid level it will cost you $120 per year.  stadia allow you to play the game on any screen such as your mobile and laptop which cannot be done with PS. I will prefer stadia over any physical console. 

Google Stadia in India

Currently, stadia is not available in India because of a lack of resources for cloud gaming. Google stadia can be accessed using a VPN but I am not sure if its legal or not. As currently, India’s tech market is growing at a very high pace we might expect stadia in 2021.