prime minster's video meeting
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What after 3 may

Covid19 is spreading at a very high rate in India, to stop this spread prime minister announced total lockdown in India on 24 march for 21 days. Spread of the virus didn’t reduce even after 21 days of lockdown , so the lockdown extended until 3 may. Still the number of covid19 cases in India is increasing on an average of 1200 cases per day.

Today prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi has called a meeting with chief ministers of all states via video conference to discuss the upcoming plan for lockdown. This is the fourth video conference called by the prime minister. As the current situation in India lockdown will   extend after 3 may. This time lockdown will be more rigid to get the situation under control.                    

Reasons to extend lockdown :               

1.India has reported 27892 covid19 cases and is still growing.                    

2.Increase in the number of hotspots nationwide.                    

 3.Lack of awareness among citizens.                      

4.Lack of assets to control the situation if covid19 cases overgo 1 lakh.                    

What are the effects of increasing lockdown on Indian economy                      

Ever since the lockdown has started the Indian economy is going down because the businesses that are not currently essential are shut. To make the economy stable, the government has allowed the various industries to start production.   Even after dropping stock market investment has increased.                    

map of India showing different zone
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What will happen for the green zone?      

Some cities  declared as green zone / safe zone if there are no cases of covid19 during lockdown. there are chances that lockdown might be lifted completely or partially in these cities on 3rd may.   

Cities with high risk.    

 Cities like Delhi , Mumbai , Indore , Ahmadabad and Pune are the top 5 affected cities with covid19. Lockdown in these will not be lifted because of the current situation in these cities.   Lockdown in these cities might extend till 18 may. Currently all the hotspots in these cities are completely sealed.

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